In November I traveled to Sri Lanka for a video project and have been able to explore the best of Sri Lanka which I sum up in this montage. Related article: — equipment used to produce this video — Sony NEX 5 GoPro Camera Amazon Tripod Joby Gorillapod Opteka SteadyCam Zoom H2n Audio Recorder SDHC Memory Card Waterproof Memory Card Case Backpack Osprey Farpoint 40 While traveling the country for more than 2 weeks I discovered a new side of the island almost every day. I have been in Sri Lanka for a video production and got to see and experience a lot in a comparably short amount of time. […]

SUBSCRIBE: – Let’s go for a walk around this much appraised market in the center of Colombo in beautiful Sri Lanka. Even though it is mentioned in most tourist guide books as a place to visit, I found it chaotic, dusty, busy and with no value for a tourist. Sorry guys, I must say it the way I felt at the time. The Pettah Market also called Manning Market is an open market in the suburb of Pettah in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Colombo Old Town Hall & Museum, which was built by the prominent Muslim Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar, is located at Kayman’s Gate, so named because the Dutch used to stock crocodiles at Beira […]

Sigiriya is probably the best known mark of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya or Lion rock have around 1200 steps and the best time for climbing on Sigiriya is early in the morning. There are no too much people and it is not too hot. But before this have some breakfast, you will needed! While climbing on Sigiriya rock, Sri Lanka, for certain period of time camera was simply hanging on my arm. I did not know that was turned on… Additional info: source

nilskyproductions is proud to present – ‘Sri Lankan Airlines UL 554 from Frankfurt to Colombo’ flight report. The flight Originated in Frankfurt Deutschland and was bound for Colombo Sri Lanka. Overall flight Experience concludes the flight as AVERAGE. Primarily because the airline fails to have an all round service. Main Reason for the selection is the Cabin Crew Service that was lacking at all times. It is hoped that the airline will improve within years to come. *The purpose of the above video is to document inflight service standards of the featured airline in the title. Permission is generally requested prior to filming on each flight. It is therefore emphasised that there has been no intention to violate the privacy […]