Poonagala is The best place to visit in Sri Lanka (2019)

Poonagala viewpoint is the best place to visit in sri lanka (2019)

Poonagala is a place located to near bandarawela city. we can see beautiful area in 360 degree level.

Ella sri lanka located near Bandarawela has become one of the shortest out of the destination of foreign tourists. A place has been given value by the tourist them self. The beauties of the environment severity and conducive climatic patterns have attracted them at lots. Ella is a popular place at present not by the local people but by foreigners. Some tourists always look the something different. They have discovered another place that is less similar to Ella in terms of the environment but less crowded. Its is Poonagala which had been captured by the tourist for a long time.
Main access is from the Bandarawela town. Poonagala can be reached from Beragala across the Diyaluma falls. The Poonagala road which starts from Bandarawela station lies attention extremely beautiful flatter and as the access road as many bends and gradual elevation. A tea state extends to western art. Water streams flow into the valley. The fog is like the silky seat. Poonagala is the catchment area of several waterfalls points in Diyaluma and Visari falls. When due come in environmentally high second Oxygen. Its December gift from heaven. A key place views the pictures scenery is a blinking point. It is a true wonder of nature. This seen which is create eye bring some magical world.
If you trend one kilometer from you will reach the point of the mountain. The top is called millennium city. Where you can experience a 360 O feel. This beauty is hidden from the eye of tourist for a long time. The attraction will not be a forgotten place anymore. Many tourists are being lowered to Poonagala an unpolluted area which is a free expectation of the tourists is witnessed here. Who can say be this will be the Ella town near future.
Other places can seen around poonagala point, some of places here down
poonagala estate bungalow
poonagala nature resort
millennium point sri lanka
pilkington point bandarawela
pilkington point sri lanka
lipton’s seat
poonagala estate
poonagala bandarawela
poonagala tea factory
poonagala tea estate
poonagala map

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