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Nagrak Holiday Bungalow is situated behind one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka, Horton Plains. This haven of beauty can be accessed from Balangoda, and it has a connecting footpath via Horton Plains. It is owned and maintained by Balangoda Plantation Group, a subsidiary of Stassen Group. An ideal location for a holiday. It’s necessary to make a pre- booking if you plan to visit Nagrak. I would recommend journeying to Nagrak in a 4×4 vehicle, since the roads are narrow and steep. This Bungalow can easily accommodate 10. A cook and an assistant are available at your service. You need to bring the pre-cooked food items of your choice and they will cook them for you. Electricity and running hot/ cold water are available. Mobile phone connectivity is very poor, but in a way it’s always better to be disconnected from the rest of the world when you are in a place like this. If you are in for an adventure, you could try trekking through the abandoned entrance to World’s End, which is located just a stone’s throw away from Nagrak!

Pre-booking details : Call Mr. Priyantha on +94 77 771 2325 for more details

If you need a tour guide with a handy 4×4 vehicle which was featured in this video you may get in touch with Thilan via his Facebook page below or by calling his mobile number mentioned below.
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