Cabin Crew (Air Hostess) | SriLankan Airlines | ශ්‍රීලංකන් ගුවන්සේවිකාවක්

What is it like to work as a Cabin Crew Member in SriLankan Airlines?
ශ්‍රීලංකන් ගුවන් සමාගමේ ගුවන්සේවිකාවක් වීම කෙබඳු අත්දැකීමක්ද?
Ms. Cabie Daniel, who works as a Cabin Crew Member in SriLankan Airlines, would recommend the job to everyone who loves to work with people in an international atmosphere. As a working place, the aircraft is a unique office with great views. The passengers see the service side of the job, but it’s much more than that – everything is safety related.

Video Credits: SriLankan Airlines | NGAP SL | Envie

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