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Terror attacks across Sri Lanka have shocked the South Asian country. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the horrific bombings that became the deadliest violence in the Sri Lanka in a decade.
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But after the initial reports broke on that bloody Sunday morning, troubling new details began to leak out about what Sri Lanka’s security agencies knew. Details that show certain officials in Sri Lanka were warned of possible attacks – and they didn’t take the steps to stop them.

While it’s unknown if the Sri Lankan government had any knowledge of ISIS’ alleged involvement, a leaked security memo show that the Sri Lanka easter attack wasn’t a complete shock.

Just weeks before that easter attack, India warned the Sri Lankan government of potential attacks. It was given detailed information, including the plan to targeted of Catholic churches, as well as the suspected militants’ names and addresses.

One reason these credible warnings were not taken seriously could have been a result of the political mistrust between the president, the prime minister, and their loyalists.

On the morning of Easter Sunday, at least 8 coordinated bombings ripped through Sri Lanka. Suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels frequented by westerners. They primarily took place in the capital, Colombo, as well as other cities.

At least 250 people were killed in the bombings and hundreds more were injured.

The terror attacks became the deadliest violence in the country since the end of Sri Lanka’s brutal 26-year civil war just one decade ago.

And while the country has a long history of sectarian violence — there was something different this most recent incident.

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