Sri Lanka Market Spree: Cheaper than India?

00:08 Grape Vendor
02:25 Fake Watches
06:23 Caps and hats stall
07:02 Buying flip-flops
10:29 Teddy Bear Purchase
14:10 Why music in the background matters
15:26 Fleeing mother – Happy Daughter
16:01 You’re quite the handsome man yourself!
17:25 The air-con t-shirt stall
20:00 Dog collar shop
20:43 Buying boxer shorts 2 for 1 deal
22:23 The man who acts like a crafty woman
22:50 The $0.50 cent belt vendor
24:47 The drumming rabbit vendor toy store
27:28 Sri Lanka Cricket Jersey Vendors
31:04 $5 German National Football Team jersey!
37:07 Fresh Pineapple Juice Shake Vendor

â–  SRI LANKA, COLOMBO: The cheapest market I’ve ever been to was the old bazaar in New Delhi. And in all honesty I never thought I’d find a market anywhere in the world with lower prices. That was until I discovered Pettah market in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. So what do you think about the prices? Is Indian markets pricier or cheaper than those in Sri Lanka?