Bargaining for KNOCKOFFS in SRI LANKA. $3 or less fake MARKET SPREE in Colombo (Pettah) & Kandy πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

The sport of bargaining makes for some fun banter, and in markets with no fixed prices it’s a must if you want to pay a fair price for the goods that you buy.

Some may ask why it’s worth my time haggling for the difference between a few pennies on a pair of knockoff Puma socks. Well anything is worth your time if you enjoy doing it.

I found that all the best deals in Sri Lanka were in Colombo in and around the Pettah area. In the largest market in Kandy the sellers were pitching their prices very high and weren’t prepared to negotiate much.

In Kandy they were trying to sell fake Sri Lanka cricket jerseys for 1,800 rupees when the original one in the department stores costs the same. The same jerseys were on sale in Pettah for a starting price of 750 and could definitely be negotiated down from there.

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