$0.80 Sri Lankan Noodles Kandy 🇱🇰

00:01 Sri Lankan Speaks German
01:45 You’re drunk! – AwwwwTHANK YOU!
03:32 Dress appropriately
04:34 Lively bunch
05:50 Where I go, silence follows 🙂
07:50 Motorbike Secured
10:43 U-turn of dea*h
12:07 The Noodle Shop
15:52 Inside the Kitchen
16:45 Sri Lankan Sweets
18:50 Jungle Gym!

■ SRI LANKA, KANDY: After procuring a motorbike I decided to search for a local gym to do some progressive reps. Whilst on my way to one on the outskirts fo Kandy I saw a neon sign blinking which read NOODLES! So after U-turn I sat down for a highly entertaining bowl of Sri Lankan noodles.