I used my two strong legs and a two buses to get from Sigiriya to Kandy where I spent and afternoon.

I love the chaos of a big city. There’s always so much going on that just walking around the streets makes for great entertainment.

I sampled some Sri Lankan street food in the form of Wadi, which is some kind of non-sweet Sri Lankan donut with herbs. That’s the best way I can describe it. At only 30 rupees and quite tasty I was happy with my purchase.

I paid the foreigner price to get into the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. It was fine, but I’ve been to more visually impressive temples. I usually don’t bother going to temples but everyone I spoke to said I had to go to this one. I didn’t stay long and left to find a tea house before closing time to end the night with a hot pot of Ceylon Tea.

It was on the train to Colombo the next morning when I met the talented train busker, singing and playing the tambourine. Everyone was uninterested but he could see that I was enjoying his music and started playing more enthusiastically.

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