$250 Jungle Luxury Resort Sri Lanka

00:05 How bricks are made
04:22 Luxury hotel found
06:02 Tour of premises
08:54 Check-in
09:49 Welcome Drink
10:52 Drive through 5 star hotel premises
13:09 Inside Luxury Villa
16:12 Outdoors Jacuzzi
17:32 Glass of wine in hotel bar
19:46 Testing the infinity pool
25:00 Back at the villa
30:29 Enjoying the balcony outdoors jacuzzi
35:06 Balcony at night – The sounds of the jungle
36:33 Run Bear Grylls

■ SRI LANKA, KANDY: As I drove away from Kandy my motorbike kept breaking down. Not in the mood to be stranded on some rural road in the middle of the jungles of central Sri Lanka I searched for hotels using Google Maps. Turns out just a short one hour drive North of my position there was a hotel with a 9.7 star rating on Booking.com.

This I had never seen before! I’ve also never seen anything in this price range either away from both a beach and a major city. After 2 minutes of going back and forth with myself curiosity got the better of me and I made an executive call. I booked the $250 room at the Sri Lankan resort in the middle of the jungle. Now all I had to do was find it before the bike broke down yet again….