I took a local train through mountains of Sri Lanka

■ SRI LANKA, ELLA: As much as enjoy touring a country by motorbike it does come with one major downside. You only meet people for a few minutes every time you stop for food or petrol and then you’re on your way. You really do miss out on a more wholesome experience.

For that there’s nothing better than traveling by train. Preferably in third class. People there are always in a an exalted mood and eager to socialize. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the railway joints colliding with the steel wheels or the fact that people all know we’re gonna be stuck together in this confined space for hours ahead.

So that was my plan for the day. Park the bike at my hotel and travel by train, on what has been deemed the best railway journey in the world, starting in Ella. But that was just the beginning…