Deleted Scenes: Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

■ SRI LANKA: Before I flew to Sri Lanka a German friend of mine asked: what percentage of the footage you capture do you end up using in the final videos? I told him nearly 100%. On this Sri Lanka journey, I did indeed use roughly that figure but some scenes I do cut short coz they don’t fit into the overall narrative of the video I make that day. Then there’s the random things I come across whilst touring through the mountains on a motorbike. On some very rare occasion I also use both the iPhone and the action camera to film a scene. I then select only the footage that looks best.

In summation there’s always something that doesn’t make the final cut. Said scenes are compiled here in this video. Enjoy.

So what’s next? I’m going to make some videos on money and travel. How to run a YouTube channel + a Q&A vid. Stay tuned.