The Friendliest City in Sri Lanka? BATTICALOA. šŸ‡±šŸ‡°

I hired a bicycle for the day and cycled around the east-coast city of Batticaloa. Their population is roughly 75% Tamils and 25% Muslims, with a few Sinhalaese and, as I discovered, 1 Englishman living there.

Typical of rental bikes in Sri Lanka it wasn’t in great condition. No gears, rusty, breaks barely worked and a slow puncture on the front tyre. I still managed a good tour of Batticaloa and met a bunch of friendly people on the way.

I only saw three other white faces the whole day, and they were at the beach. The city itself seems to be a place tourists don’t go. In such places the locals are always extremely friendly and happy to see that a foreigner finds their city interesting enough to visit.

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