A few photos from my visit to #Toronto’s @southernaroma.ca with the walking food…

A few photos from my visit to #Toronto’s @southernaroma.ca with the walking food encyclopaedia, blogger & dab hand in the kitchen – Rajini from @tamil_food

Owned by Canadian #Tamil entrepreneur and chef @real_papashanks, Southern Aroma was one of the first restaurants I visited during my trip to Canada

Surprisingly Canada has only a handful of Tamil restaurants to dine in compared to the UK. So few I can count them on the fingers of my hand

It was clear that dining-in was rare amongst #Canadian Tamils especially the older generation. The best #Tamilfood to have are meals prepared at home, so why the need to eat out? Holding down a full time job, my aunties would still have time grind their own curry powders

If they didn’t feel like cooking they could collect a parcel from the numerous Tamil take out spots and eat in the comfort of their home. Hence why Datta, Quality Bakery, Babu’s catering & Spiceland, to name but a few, are always busy

It’s where the UK Tamil food scene is heading if dining out isn’t made attractive. It must become an experience

I noticed that customers are ready to shun the entire menu at a restaurant after only sampling one or two dishes! Dishes are expected to the taste same, everywhere! And if it isn’t spicy it isn’t Tamil! This limits creativity. Let the chef do their thing! It leaves me wondering why anyone would run a restaurant with rising rent & staff costs, when opening a takeout kitchen is so much easier

Coming back to Southern Aroma, best described as a Southern fusion restaurant that serves dishes inspired by the cuisine of South India & N/E Sri Lanka

The stand out dishes for me were the calamari fry, crab cutlets and the Veg Pakora (chicken also available) washed down with a smooth filter coffee. By then I was too full to immerse myself in the rest – mutton curry with roti, chick pea with puttu, and the chef’s signature mock chicken dish. Thank you Shankar for a wonderful meal

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