DANGEROUS SRI LANKAN FOOD!! Toddy Tapper RISKS LIFE for Drink + Street Food in Sri Lanka!

🎥 CRABZILLA in Sri Lanka: https://youtu.be/UgIxD97ZbQk

Sri Lankan Risks Life for Alcoholic Drink + STREET FOOD in Sri Lanka!

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Introducing a side of Sri Lanka you have never seen before. Lying in the far north of the island is Jaffna, a city with its own rich ingredients, cuisine and culture. Influenced by Tamil culture, you’ll find street food, local dishes and a way of life that is different in Jaffna.

In today’s video (EPISODE 3), we will be taking you to experience an ancient form of palmyra sap collection to make toddy. We will watch a Jaffna toddy tapper climb high into the trees and collect the delicious toddy from a bird’s eye view! The drink is nutritious, fresh and unique! We will visit a local wet market to see what fruits and vegetables are in season. And then we visit an “Amachi” food court, a government funded street food market where all of the chefs are women, and where locals can eat fresh and cheap (and DELICIOUS) Sri Lankan specialties. We try a mushroom cutlet and vadai (more commonly known as vada from India).

Visiting Jaffna is still not an super easy task as a foreign tourist. If you would like to visit Jaffna yourself consider booking a tour to ensure the best and local experience. Please contact us and we can help you get in touch with the right guides.

Thank you for watching the 3rd episode of our Sri Lanka food series! Up next, we meet a local Jaffna family that we follow to the fish market and back to their home to eat a Jaffna specialty that you can’t get anywhere else in the country, and other seafood dishes with a Jaffna flare! Thank you to the Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau for making these experiences possible.


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