Sembuwaththa Lake in Matale, Beautiful Tourist Attraction in Sri Lanka

Sembuwaththa lake (Sembuwatta Wewa) is a beautiful lake and a tourist attraction in Matale and Kandy. It is situated in Elkaduwa tea plantation.

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It is a man made lake constructed using spring water. However, the place certainly doesn’t look artificial when you actually witness it. The path to the lake is somewhat difficult as the road is still under construction.

The atmosphere here is definitely eye catching. In the distance, you can see beautiful tea fields. The trees are all over the place that brings a look of an American forest. That’s why you will feel like you are in a different world when you visit here.

This is an ideal place for families to enjoy their holiday and free time as the place offers various activities such as boat rides, zip lining, swimming in the pool and also a hut to stay an overnight with foods for additional costs. It is also a suitable place to have a picnic while enjoying a serene look of the lake.

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