Running Sri Lankan guy who sells flowers, Sri Lanka Tourism Travel Visit, Positive energy !

A group of Chinese tourists taking a coach sightsee in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lankan guy in order to peddle his flower chased the coach from the bottom of the mountain until almost the top.Finally all tourists on that coach are deeply touched by the persistent behavior and buy his flowers.

We really really should give this guy a big thumb.

1.He is not sure if the coach could stop for him and the tourists buy his flowers or not, even if the coach stops.But he must be aware that if not try, no hope at all.So he keeps running and never give up no matter how tiny the chance is.

2. We can see his sincere eye and bucket sweat for real life. There is a detail that he did not take the money until the tourists finished picking
No robbing, no stealing, no illegal activity, any person who earns money and make a living depending on their own sweat and hard work, should be respected !

3. He must be a good son to his parents, a kind father to his children, and a nice husband to his wife. The flowers in his hand may be all the income for his family each day.

Life is not easy for everyone and we need keep running and never give up like the Sri Lankan guy who is really worth us learning.

God bless u, mate !

Also give a big thumb to our Chinese tourists on that coach ! Be kind and nice to other people.