■ SRI LANKA: Before I flew to Sri Lanka a German friend of mine asked: what percentage of the footage you capture do you end up using in the final videos? I told him nearly 100%. On this Sri Lanka journey, I did indeed use roughly that figure but some scenes I do cut short coz they don’t fit into the overall narrative of the video I make that day. Then there’s the random things I come across whilst touring through the mountains on a motorbike. On some very rare occasion I also use both the iPhone and the action camera to film a scene. I then select only the footage that looks best. In summation there’s always something that […]

■ SRI LANKA, YALA NATIONAL PARK: Before I checked into the ultra luxury resort of Wild Coast Tented Lodge I spent two nights at a more reasonable resort neighboring hotel called Jetwing. It too was rather pricey but keeping in mind that it is a five star resort, it’s actually quite reasonable. I opted for a beach front room with a balcony so I could do my laundry and edit my videos to the sound of the ocean. So what did the room look like and was it possible to swim on this beach? source

■ SRI LANKA, MATALELE: Before coming to Sri Lanka I conjectured finding a gym would be difficult. Especially in rural parts of the country. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, the more rural and uninhabited the village or road, the greater the chances are that you’ll find a functional little gym to pump some iron. Case in point; this little makeshift place which is the cheapest gym I have ever come across anywhere in the world! As for the gym’s location. I’ve tried to find it in Google maps but simply don’t remember how far (in kms) drove from the city towards Sigiriya. source

■ SRI LANKA, ELLA: My stay in Yala’s national park was over and I had to get back to the city of Kandy to give by my rental ‘motorbike’. Not only did that mean I had to drive across more than half the country, but through some pretty treacherous curvy mountain roads as well. This was going to take all day! So I set out at 7:00 from the national park direction North. I didn’t plan on filming or documenting this journey. My mind was simply set on reaching Kandy before nightfall as my motorbike have no front lights and is generally unfit to even ride to your local corner store. As soon as I reached the mountain range and […]

■ SRI LANKA, BANDARAWELA: After the rock bottom prices at the Haputale market shopping spree I knew it was impossible to find cheaper goods in the city of Bandarawela. But after the street barber rejected me for a shave I had some time to spare before my bus back to Ella. So I decided to go for yet another mega bargain hunt trip at the largest market in this part of Sri Lanka: Bandarawela Market. As usual I met quite a few characters. None as wild as the now legendary ‘Yes Man of Haputale’, but one did come close: The Bandarawela Market Playah, who proudly (and unapologetically) was parading around with what others described as: NOT his wife! source

■ SRI LANKA, HAPUTALE: After a little patience booster it was time to find the bus from Haputale to Bandarawela, the city I had to change buses in in order to get back to my departure point, Ella station. Seeing as this was a Google maps free day this turned into an entertaining little adventure. Rarely, if ever, have I been on a bus that has driven such a scenic route. And the price? An absolutely unrivaled …. source

■ SRI LANKA, HAPUTALE: After unsuccessfully trying to find something that looked edible and unlikely to make for a troublesome return bus journey to Ella, I opted for the safety of a Snickers and Mars bar. With my newfound sugar high it was time to check out the local Haputale market. Perched high on a cliff side adjacent to the train station, this market offers stunningly high views and correspondingly low prices. A rare combination. So just how cheap is this market and what do they sell here? source

■ SRI LANKA, ELLA: As much as enjoy touring a country by motorbike it does come with one major downside. You only meet people for a few minutes every time you stop for food or petrol and then you’re on your way. You really do miss out on a more wholesome experience. For that there’s nothing better than traveling by train. Preferably in third class. People there are always in a an exalted mood and eager to socialize. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the railway joints colliding with the steel wheels or the fact that people all know we’re gonna be stuck together in this confined space for hours ahead. So that was my plan for the […]

■ SRI LANKA, ELLA: Sri Lanka is a land of opportunities. Yet, despite actually doing my utmost to meet local entrepreneurs and established business owners I found it incredibly difficult do just that. But whilst on a long drive though the mountains and tea plantations of Ella I finally stumbled upon one by pure accident. What he told me was a mighty impressive story of how he’d taken the leap to open his own little tea shop at the age of 26. Is this man Sri Lanka’s next Ceylon tea millionaire? This called for a full-scale Harald investigates! source